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How Do I Use WorldSolo?

WorldSolo is the place to check in on the current state of the world. News events, economic data and societal indicators are smashed together bringing you the 1000 point WorldSolo Index.

What is the WorldSolo Index?

The WorldSolo Index is a scale that measures the health and mood of the world. The closer the index is to 1000 points the closer Earth is to global prosperity. The closer the index is to 0 the closer Earth is to global crisis. A score of 500 is neutral. The current WorldSolo index is 477.88/1000

A screenshot of the WorldSolo Index

How does is it work?

As a global events take place, WorldSolo posts them as stories that are rateable by users. Users rate the global impact on a scale between -5 (the worst possible rating) and +5 (the best possible rating). As you and other users submit ratings, the WorldSolo Index rises and falls in real-time.

  • -5 Critical, negative
  • -4 Severe, negative
  • -3 Substanial, negative
  • -2 Moderate, negative
  • -1 Slight, negative
  • 0 Neutral
  • 1 Slight, negative
  • 2 Moderate, negative
  • 3 Substantial, negative
  • 4 Extraordinary, negative
  • 5 Extremely Momentous, negative

When rating stories, objectively think how the event affects the entire global population and the precedent the event sets. Check out our Historical Reference Guide for more information on rating events.

How do I submit ratings?

After reading an event, submit your rating of the event’s global impact by using the Event Rating slider on the left side of the screen. Your rating is submitted to WorldSolo and immediately affects the index in real time.

A screenshot of the WorldSolo rate button. The rate button is used to submit event ratings for events posted to WorldSolo

Signing-up for WorldSolo

Click the SIGN UP button in the top right corner, enter your name, email, and a password and you’re a user.

Sign-up for WorldSolo by clicking the SIGN-UP button in the top right corner

What is the Social and Economic Index?

Of the 1000 points, half the index is represented by the Event Index which is controlled by users through event ratings (as discussed above). The other 500 points are represented by the Social and Economic Index.
The Social and Economic indexes are comprised of different studies, statistics and, data involving the environmental, financial markets, conflicts, and raw resources relating to the social and economic conditions of the world. The Social and Economic index are not affected by user ratings and are automatically updated through data feeds. The Economic and Social indexes are also updated in real time.
Currently the data related to these two indexes is being kept private. WorldSolo will provide more details on what it is comprised of in the future.
WorldSolo is the real-time indicator of the Earth's current status. It is the comprehensive collection of significant world events driven by social, environmental and economic indicators.
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