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Ten countries searching for missing Malaysian jet
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 17:07:25 GMT - Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA 
(Orginal Source Reuters) - Searchers looking for evidence of a missing Malaysian 777 Boeing jet failed to find debris of the missing plane for a third consecutive day in what is being called an “unprecedented mystery”.

On Saturday, an airliner about an hour into a flight to Beijing went missing and has since failed to reveal any evidence of a crash to searchers. On Monday the search included dozens of ships and aircraft from ten different countries.

Questions have begun to mount on to what caused the plane to disappear including the possibility of a hijacking or bomb.

Investigations are currently being conducted on two individuals who were on the missing plane with stolen passports.

A senior police official stated that people armed with explosives and carrying false identity papers had attempted to depart Kuala Lumpur in the past.

Three days of searching has failed to find any trace of the plane or the 239 people on board.
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