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About WorldSolo
WorldSolo is a real-time indicator of the Earth’s status. In presenting the most imperative fact-based news events to the general public and giving users the opportunity to rate the importance of these events, WorldSolo provides an unbiased view into the current state of the world. Knowing that every significant incident weighs differently on each individual, WorldSolo provides the outlet for every voice to weigh in and be heard. A media enterprise that takes into consideration the thoughts, reaction and judgements of the entire population is the only one that can uncover an unclouded representation of the state of the world.

WorldSolo’s unique event rating system gives users the opportunity to quantify how the world’s events affect the individual. Those user ratings coupled with the WorldSolo Economic™ and Social Indexes™ form the current status of the Earth’s health. The WorldSolo Economic™ Index uses key data from world markets such as the S&P 500, tracks living costs and government spending while the WorldSolo Social™ Index monitors global poverty rates, global threat levels, and other social factors. Combining these three important global indexes gives society a clear and honest view as to how their Earth is faring.

The only way to discern the overall well-being of the world is include the opinions of those affected daily by the events occurring within it. WorldSolo is the only news source where the reactions of the citizens are accurately represented and quantified. The WorldSolo Economic™ and Social™ Indexes inform society through global numeric data while user rated events inform the world through the eyes of the individual.
Index Information
Event Index
The WorldSolo Event™ Index is the only comprehensive index dedicated to tracking the impact of each significant event on Earth. Reaching an index score of 500 would be a global indication of total peace and prosperity.
Social Index
The WorldSolo Social™ Index is the most comprehensive index dedicated to tracking the overall quality of human life on Earth. WorldSolo monitors global living standards, global threat levels, and other vital humanistic social factors. Reaching an index score of 250 would be an indication of total world prosperity.
Economic Index
The WorldSolo Economic™ Index is the most comprehensive index dedicated to tracking the overall quality of economic health on Earth. WorldSolo captures key data from world financial markets, global standard of living components which are tied to inflation and the consumer, and government spending. Reaching an index score of 250 would be a global indication of total economic and financial prosperity.
WorldSolo is the real-time indicator of the Earth's current status. It is the comprehensive collection of significant world events driven by social, environmental and economic indicators.
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